Song Clues Giveaway

Hey guys!
I'm gonna be giving away some sweet prizes that all relate to songs included in Wander With Me! Song clues, if you will... :)

From handmade jewelry to scarves made in Turkey and hand-lettered notebooks to camping style mugs... 

It's Christmas! 
Just a little late.
Or early.
Depending on how you look at it.

There will be something new every Monday, and winners will be announced on Saturday mornings!

The details for these giveaways will be over on my Facebook page, and the entry requirements will be different from week to week!

So be sure to check it out on Monday! 
I'll see you over there!


"Wander With Me" Music Video

I've been so excited to share this with you! This is the music video for "Wander With Me"! I hope you love it!

Many thanks to Joel Key (Guitar), Gary Prim (Piano), Paul Nelson (Cello), and John Nicholson at Hilltop Recording Studios.

And many more thanks to Evan Walker and Grant Walker for this video--my first real music video! Thank you for your vision, for making this fun, and for loving this song. Also... I loved having such a great excuse to go wander in the wilderness. So thank you for that, too.

And many thanks to Michael and Sue--thank you for lending us your beautiful home. I have sung for open hearts...

And thank you to everyone who has come out to hear me sing these past few years--thank you for wandering with me!

"Wander With Me" is available on iTunes